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How to fight overweight in different countries

Excess weight does not choose. Absolutely all nations are subject to it, some to a lesser extent, some to a greater extent. And in many countries there is a secret ingredient, a diet or a certain way of life, with the help of which residents of a particular state struggle with extra pounds. And today we are in a hurry to reveal to you these secret methods of weight loss from different parts of the world: 13 countries and 13 secrets are waiting for you…Spicy food (Thailand)Thailand is a paradise for lovers of spices, spices and seasonings. Spicy dishes from this country are known all over the world. It is the use of various spices and spicy food that allows Thais not to think about extra pounds. Plus, they eat rice instead of bread!Small portions (UK)Representatives of the British society believe that small portions allow you to moderate your appetite. They avoid "complex" meals consisting of several dishes that stimulate fat and weight gain. There are also very few fast food restaurants in the UK.Potatoes and beans (Brazil)The main products of Brazilians are sweet potatoes and beans, rich in fiber and characterized by a low fat content. These products are able to maintain blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of obesity by 14%.Eating at home (Poland)Polish people spend only 5% of their income on food in restaurants. Most often, they eat at home and believe that food prepared at home from fresh ingredients is much healthier.Regular breakfasts (Germany)Approximately 75% of Germans have breakfast every morning. The breakfast menu is quite modest - bread and whole grains. Germans believe that a regular breakfast allows you not to resort to unhealthy snacks at work.Muesli (Switzerland)Muesli is a mixture of cereals, fruits and nuts. The nutrient-rich dish is usually served for breakfast or afternoon tea. The Swiss believe that eating fiber supports a healthy weight.Turmeric (Malaysia)Most residents of Malaysia use turmeric in the preparation of various dishes. Turmeric is rich in curcumin, a substance that helps reduce the formation of adipose tissue.Love of pickles (Hungary)Hungarians love different types of pickles: cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes and peppers are real favorites on their table. The vinegar content in the brine normalizes blood pressure and sugar levels, and also reduces the formation of adipose tissue.Rooibos Tea (South Africa)This tea is popular throughout South Africa. Naturally, it is customary to use it without sugar. The drink is made from the leaves of Aspalathus Linearis. It does not contain caffeine, preservatives or flavorings. Rooibos contains vitamins and antioxidants that are useful for the body.Yoga (India)India is the birthplace of yoga. Various yoga movements allow you to burn fat and increase metabolism. This is evidenced by the low body mass index of actors who practice yoga.Passion for an active lifestyle (Finland)Hiking in the fresh air is a favorite leisure of Finns. Movement during hiking affects the shoulder muscles, the muscles of the arms and trunk. These movements help burn calories and fat cells.Bicycle (Netherlands)The Dutch are fans of bicycles. There are more wheeled bicycles in the country than the population. 54% of Dutch people ride bicycles every day: to work, from work, shopping, and so on - all day on wheels. They believe that cycling allows you to keep fit.Eating herring (Netherlands)Herring is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce the level of harmful cholesterol and the level of the stress hormone (cortisol). The Dutch eat herring daily as a snack.Fasting (Indonesia)Fasting is a favorite diet of Indonesians. Fasting breaks all habits and allows you to burn a lot of calories. That is why Indonesians never suffer from overweight. Grandes bonificaciones, gráficos increíbles y un divertido pasatiempo son todo tuyos cuando juegas a la nueva tragaperras Lucky Joker en tu dispositivo. Este juego es una gran manera de pasar su tiempo libre y recibir un montón de diversión de juego interesante. En Lucky Joker, puedes encontrar otros aspectos de la interfaz del juego, incluyendo secciones de bonificación. Lucky Joker tomó las mejores características de las máquinas tragaperras temáticas y las reconstruyó de una manera nueva, con la diferencia principal de un diseño distintivo que hace que cada aspecto se vea fresco y atractivo.