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Our solution allows you to get a better understanding of your clients, and to detect new and exciting opportunities for your business.

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Now you can understand the behavior of your clients. We offer a simple, yet effective platform that provides the necessary information to improve your sales strategies.


Our solutions apply to many different industries. We currently partner with:

Pogen lets us measure how effective our sales team is on the floor, since it allows us to get information about our client's behavior inside the store./p>

- Industry - Retail

The main benefit that Pogen has to offer is the information about when our clients visit, including the analysis that it gives us regarding our performance. The information is only one click away, in real time and immediately.

- Industry - Retail

In this business systems need to be reliable and functional. Pogen works great in both accords.

- Industry - Retail

The main characteristic of Pogen is its flexibility. It allows us to compare different variables to truly understand our traffic in each shopping mall.

- Industry - Shopping Malls

The Pogen system lets us understand how customer traffic works tracking each entry point and by hour, so we can make informed decisions about our stores.

- Industry - Shopping Malls

One of the main benefits you get with Pogen is how easily it can be installed. Its easy installation takes care of any worries, optimizing time, and always giving beneficial results.

- Industry - Retail

From your first communication with POGEN you can expect caring and personal service. Pogen tends your needs and doubts. They understand what is needed and guarantee full commitment.

- Industry - Retail

Pogen's customer counting system is reliable, so we can measure how effective our sales team is in every one of our stores.

- Industry - Retail

Our systems operate in thousands of stores and shopping centers around Mexico.

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